108 Card logoWarm fiery nights gathered around the stove fired by cow dung in the middle of the Gobi desert, I learned about the indigenous customs of the ger or yurt. Women sat to the East, guests to the North, men to the West, and the door always faced South. Everyone and everything had it’s place including their beloved animals which outnumbered people 10 to 1.

Late nights dotted by the desert stars were spent playing games, telling humble jokes, and munching on sun-naturally dried fermented milk.

Life was simple: food, company, and survival.

When returning to the United States, we sketched out the 108 Card Game to encapsulate those timeless nights in the Gobi: Being, Nothing, and Infinity. We shared it with our friends and family, who remarked, “That was really fun, you should make a game out of it and share it with the world!”

Thus the 108 Card Game was created with original hand-drawn cards and modern role models from different races over a decade, weaving tales of mythical leaders and eternal philosophy.

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How can all races play well together in the game of life?

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You are a humanitarian. You celebrate diversity. You realize that we need role models in this world. You hope that by donating to this card game, we’ll be able to inspire more people to treat each other better. You envision that every family would have a copy of this card game and enjoy playing it together! You are elated that there is finally a card deck that features people that look like you! You are hopeful that you’ll see the day, when discrimination doesn’t exist….

Why I created 108 card game?

Korea Day Evelyn Family. Card Games. Fun. Food. Conversation. Laughter. Smiles. Infinity.

What’s Ødiscrimination?

odiscrimination Big Ois a platform to help victims of discrimination.

It gives victims who are often in shock a chance to find support and friendship. It connects victims to resources, people, and organizations. It provides opportunities for those who are often don’t have anywhere else to turn. Through our Ødiscrimination events, it can bring healing to victims of discrimination. It will bring jobs and prosperity to communities in cities that live below the poverty level.

” It was a hot summer. My 13-year old was bored out of her mind, when Judi brought out 108cardgame. We started playing. My daughter had a fantastic time! And we talked about what’s going on in her life, more than just one word answers. I’m grateful that Judi had created a playing card game that shows many positive role models. I’ve been telling her for at least a decade to put this card game and mobile application with the world. I’m proud of her that she’s finally did it! ” Mia

Mother and Entrepreneur